United Way Germany
How We Work

Whom do we work with?

We are currently operated by a team of dedicated individuals with big ideas and aspirations as well as the drive to grow operations by bringing together exciting, novel and diverse projects and partners in the coming years.

We value and build on the expertise, knowledge, and skills of more than 90 PHINEO colleagues who are happy to chip in and support our operations. In addition, we rely on our strong network of non-profit partners and their invaluable “on the ground” access and expertise to turn project ideas into reality.

What’s our process?

Different partners operate differently and we aim to create a smooth and efficient process which best fits the needs of your company. Therefore, there is no “one” standard process.

However, the following should give you a good understanding of the key steps involved in the process:

Let’s set up an exploratory call to find out what it is your company is looking for and wants to achieve along the way

Based on your company’s ideas, wishes, and expectations, we’ll put together a draft concept, get your feedback and thoughts, and develop a final proposal that best suits your interests, expectations, and internal guidelines

During this phase, we will also propose potential implementation partners which would be a good fit and develop a final project proposal (optional – as needed)

Once you agree to our proposal and all partners are on board, we will kick-off the implementation of our joint project

Where do we work?

We have an office in Berlin and Munich, which support the initiatives at their specific sites. Our key operations are conducted in Germany and German-speaking countries.  However, we are well-connected, and no place is too far away to create meaningful impact!

We Can Implement Projects
Beyond Germany

We have a broad network of non-profit partners and a cross-border support system of more than 1,800 United Way chapters across the globe.

How can you help us put together a first concept quickly?

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Alina Nosenko
Alina Nosenko
Head of United Way Germany
Annika Köhne
Annika Köhne
Global Strategic Partnerships Manager
Wiebke Guelcibuk
Wiebke Guelcibuk
Head of Communications